Changing the way in which you can engage your partners, clients and employees with the help of Salesforce Community Cloud.

Engaging and connecting with your clients, employees and partners has never been more significant. Let us see how we can help to incorporate a customized Communities org that will empower you to do such things – creating the chance to apply insights to manage your client base and develop your business.

Features of Community Cloud

  • With the help of Community Cloud join from anywhere, anyplace, or any device including the Salesforce application or any mobile browser
  • You can combine your community with information from any system, anywhere
  • Brand your team so that you can expand your online community experience
  • Supervise and train your community to use dashboards to count and evaluate metrics and engagement through dashboard
  • Give high quality customer service by establishing a personalised Customer Communities which meet your requirements
  • Develop partner sales by directly joining with resellers, partners and distributors
  • Manage employee productivity and engage with internal Communities of Employees

Why work with Cloudalyze?

  • Silver Consulting Partner & Impact Partner
  • 90+ Expand Knowledge Certifications, 96+ Salesforce Certifications, 45+ Consultant Certifications.
  • 2700+ Trailhead Badges
  • A customer satisfaction rating of 5/5 on Salesforce AppExchange
  • Huge span of project experience and deep product understanding
  • Committed Project Managers upheld by their capable team with superlative qualities.
  • Better visibility to higher management
  • More effective and customer-centric salesforce
  • 25%+ Increased Customer Satisfaction
  • 23%+ Increased Customer Loyalty
  • 20%+ Increased Data Accuracy
  • 40%+ Reduction in Sales Administration Time
  • 45%+ Increased Adaption
  • 43% Increased Marketing ROI
  • 45% Increased Customer Retention
  • 37% Increased Sales

Commonly Asked Questions about Community Cloud

What is Community Cloud?

Community Cloud is an online platform that empowers organizations to connect clients, partners, and employees with one another and the information and records they need to complete work. This next-generation gateway combines the real-time combination of Chatter with the capacity to share any document, information, or record anyplace and on any device.

Community Cloud permits you to make use key business measures efficiently and expand them across workplaces and offices, and open them to clients and partners. So that everybody in your business system can support clients more adequately and close deals faster and complete work faster.

How would you manage Community Cloud?

In order to do so, you can create communities to gain deeper relationship with clients or grant better service by allowing clients to find information and can help each other online. Also you can connect with your external channels agents, partners, or brokers to decrease friction and fasten the deal. Now, you can enable employees to connect and team up any place business takes them.

Since Community Cloud is based on the Salesforce platform, you can connect any outsider or data directly into the community. T organisation picks up the adaptability to handle and make different networks for whatever utilization your business requests or demands.

How does Community Cloud cost?

Community Cloud is estimated dependent on the type of community you want to build. Worker, Partner, and Customer people group each start with a base cost and can include extra reserve funds dependent on the number of clients and the requirements for developing your business.

Connect with our colleague talk about the size and extent of your task, and we can give you an approximate estimate for the following things to grow your business.

Is Community Cloud secure?

Community Cloud is based on the trusted Salesforce platform. The strong and adaptable security architects of the Community platform is depended on by organizations around the globe, remembering those which are most heavily regulated industries — from financial services to medical care to government. It gives the most significant level of security and control over everything from client and customer verification through administrative permission to the information access and sharing model.

We believe that trust begins with transparency. Salesforce shows real time data on system execution and security, and offers top security practices for your organisation.

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