Implement automated “Quote-to-Cash” measures with Salesforce CPQ and Billing solutions and Cloudalyze’s guaranteed customization and implementation specialists.

Convert more leads into potential business efficiently with a consistent view with the help of revenue recognition. Produce correct quotes, improved contracts, and quicker cash accumulation.

We at Cloudalyze, as a Silver Consulting Partner have qualified Salesforce CPQ and Billing (Revenue Cloud) specialists, who have the expertise and project experience to help you evaluate, plan/design and build simple and exact quotes, make cleaner proposals along with streamlined billing and revenue recognition.

Does my organization require Salesforce Revenue Cloud? (earlier known as Salesforce CPQ)

Here are some of our helpful questions to determine your eagerness for Salesforce CPQ Implementation.

  • Are you utilizing legacy quote configurations till date?
  • Is the rapid rising rate of your revenue exceeding your ability to function?
  • Have you been utilizing a repetitive revenue source?
  • Do you require innovative methods to implement more modernized business solutions?
  • Are sales quotations to prospects frequently inaccurate?
  • Is any individual evaluating your sales quotations manually?

If you are looking for ways to scale and bring productivity into your business, implementing Salesforce Configure-Price Quote platform is made for your business.

With Salesforce’s Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) and Billing, your business will can convey complex sales quotations, agreements, and invoices precisely and effectively, assisting you with improving your forecasting and income recognition, all contained inside your Salesforce org.

We will help you to streamline your cycles even further, you can connect your CPQ org to Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud utilizing the CPQ B2B Commerce Cloud Connector. This connector will assist you to synchronize product and pricing information, streamline channel experiences and manage your order history. Utilizing one information model, pricing model and a unified cycle developed around client commitment from CPQ, you can make omnichannel client driven experiences.

Features of Salesforce CPQ and Billing (Salesforce Revenue Cloud)

  • Easily configure quotes with speed and precision, all one central platform
  • Configuration products, pricing orders, and generation of quotes while reducing flaws and improving sales rep efficiency
  • Develop and provide accurate proposals and contracts without exiting Sales Cloud, in just a few minutes
  • Automate contract renewals, modifications and uplifts
  • Extract advantages from the modern billing and revenue recognition, all in one central platform

Why work with Cloudalyze?

  • Silver Consulting Partner & Impact Partner
  • 90+ Expand Knowledge Certifications, 96+ Salesforce Certifications, 45+ Consultant Certifications.
  • 2700+ Trailhead Badges
  • A customer satisfaction rating of 5/5 on Salesforce AppExchange
  • Huge span of project experience and deep product understanding
  • Committed Project Managers upheld by their capable team with superlative qualities.
  • Better visibility to higher management
  • More effective and customer-centric salesforce
  • 25%+ Increased Customer Satisfaction
  • 23%+ Increased Customer Loyalty
  • 20%+ Increased Data Accuracy
  • 40%+ Reduction in Sales Administration Time
  • 45%+ Increased Adaption
  • 43% Increased Marketing ROI
  • 45% Increased Customer Retention
  • 37% Increased Sales


Commonly Asked Questions about Salesforce CPQ

What is Salesforce CPQ and Billing?

Salesforce CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) is a unique cloud solution that enables Sales to configure complicated product bundles with effective pricing to swiftly and correctly create quotes for orders. The Billing cloud solution automates complicated billing and invoice transactions for timely invoices and cash accumulation. Together they automate the Quote to Cash process by integrating CRM and ERP for a smooth experience.

How can CPQ and Billing help my business?

Unify Sales and Finance with complete transparency across the client’s lifecycle from quote to retention. You can recognize revenue, report on sales cycles, quotes, orders and payments for real-time intelligence. Innovative selling experience on one platform will help you deliver maximised revenue with reduced costs across your organization.

Can I implement CPQ on my own?

The complication of implementing Salesforce CPQ needs the expert guidance of a certified Salesforce partner. It will help you in saving money in the longer course for this platform.

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