"Innovative work drove exercises in the cutting-edge area result as mechanically propelled items, and their application in advanced life decide execution of the entire economy. In any case, the cutting-edge industry is tested with running operations (fabricating and dispersion) and serving clients (expert and client benefit) that decide long haul manageability."

Cloudalyze has a long-standing association with clients inside the High-Tech industry. Throughout the years Cloudalyze has effectively taken part in different limits on a few business-basic undertakings with clients.


One of our clients is a networking vendor who sells networking components. They had an issue with their Salesforce®️ implementation for High tech industry due to which they looked for a new approach which can audit their existing system and identify gaps and further come out with a recovery plan.
After completion of the audit, we had a thorough understanding of the distorted application architecture, inaccurate data, minimal opportunity attribution, and much more.

  • Providing a recovery plan and implementing it for the gaps observed.
  • Recommend best practices to the customer that would support various processes within the platform for high tech industry.
  • Conceptualize the architectural solution that would identify various process entities, identify the interlinks between those entities and understand how they interact with one another to define the underlying data structure that would support the application infrastructure.
  • Create a roadmap for the application architecture.
  • To identify the stream of information flows for various use cases to build the integration architecture.

Our client was familiar with our capabilities, and as we began working with them, we were involved with the top management in the company to conduct an audit of an existing Omni-channel application built on Salesforce platform. At Cloudalyze we have a team of Salesforce certified experts who have experience in auditing an existing system, identifying best practices implementation and other gaps in the system. With this, we gathered internal client perspectives and feedback by helping to run workshops, participating in ridealongs, and assisting in completing a voice of the customer analysis to understand the pain points and practices that needed to be addressed.
As a registered partner for, Cloudalyze offers management support for Salesforce®️ CRM in IT. We had provided services such as application architecture, implementation, integration, and training to help the client’s company grow both in size and scale of operations.

We provided a list of the various Process and Technology gaps in the current implementation. We also provided the following architecture and design artifacts to kick start the remedy effort.

Application Architecture

Data Architecture

Integration Architecture

Next, we had discussions with the customer multiple times to rearchitect their Platform to build a foundational Member Database and provide accessibility to member 360 consolidated from Salesforce CRM and integrated from Back Office Financial Systems to facilitate.

Prospecting & Sales Processes

Promote Self-Service

Seg Management & Business Development

Member Account Service Management


Today the client has a more efficient and customer-centric Salesforce®️ implementation for High tech Industry. After providing a recovery plan for the gaps identified the work has resulted in double-digit productivity gains, a better overall customer experience, and more customer loyalty. The Salesforce®️ facilitates Lead Management, Opportunity Attribution, Seg Management and Member Management. Going forward, we anticipate that the implementation of a rearchitected salesforce CRM instance will provide the expected benefits and opportunities for growth for years to come.