Roll Out Strategy


  • Learn about Salesforce Lightning.
  • Evaluate Lightning Experience for Your Org.
  • Align with Stakeholders

Roll Out

  • Plan and Prepare for Your Rollout.
  • Implement Lightning Experience Features.
  • Adjust Existing Customizations.
  • Launch Lightning Experience


  • Measure Success Metrics.
  • Motivate Users to Work in Lightning Experience.
  • Iterate Your Rollout Plan.
How we do it

Run Readiness Check

This Salesforce Lightning Readiness tool

Roll Out Strategy

Strategies to Roll out the Lightning Migration for any Organization

Efforts Required

Efforts required for Lightning Migration and Training

Migration & Training

Prepare and implement a Migration & Training Plan for the Organization and Users

Support Plan

Post Migration Support Plan for User Queries/Issues
Journey to Lightning Experience
Head to the Lightning Experience Transition Assistant for all the tools and guidance you need.

Plans starting at