Breakthrough New York

Breakthrough New York transforms the lives of talented kids from low-income backgrounds by providing educational support from middle school through college and into careers. We also inspire talented young people to enter careers in education through our students-teaching-students model. Their goal is to create leaders who break the cycle of poverty in their families and effect positive change in their communities.

They know that the students with the highest potential are most often the ones who are ignored in large public-school classrooms. Teachers are often not able to devote the time or resources to cultivate their talent, yet these are the students who are most likely to be leaders and college graduates among their peers. Their organization was founded to harness and support the potential of these young people who, with their guidance, will change the trajectory of their lives.

They began in 1999 as a first-in-class middle school program. Today, Breakthrough New York’s support continues through college graduation.

Education supports for low-income backgrounds.


United States


2 Months

Breakthrough New York

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Client Challenge

Breakthrough New York wanted to initiate reporting on Salesforce Standard notes, but it was not possible as Salesforce does not allow reporting on the standard notes. Hence, they were looking out for a solution which would help them overcome this challenge.

Cloudalyze’s Solution

We at Cloudalyze, helped our client for setup custom notes on which they could do their reporting work without any limitations from Salesforce. We migrated all the existing standard note records to custom notes and maintained their relationships with other data.
We also provided training to our client for utilizing custom notes that we built for them.


Now Breakthrough New York has100% increased their Visibility notes and captured in new object to “Case Notes”. Also only 80 Hours Saved/month time is required to create a manual report on notes.

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