Dhupar Brothers

Dhupar Brothers is a mid-market channel partner for leading Electrical Brands & EPC Contractors. Established in 1990, they are the largest channel partners for Philips and Legrand in the Western Region and for the last decade, one of the largest channel partners for L&T in the country. They have 3 offices in Pune with more than 15 sales representatives and 10 support staff on their team.

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Food Supply and Electrical Distributor

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Feb 01, 2019

Dhupar Brothers

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Client Challenge

Dhupar Brothers was facing a challenge in current technology; the stack was unable to support its growing business pipeline. There was an end-to-end gap in sales pipeline management, customer relationship management and sales growth analysis. Also the sales process from prospect to the customer was full of uphill climbs, twisting paths, and unexpected turns and ERP systems operated in silos lacked intelligence and contextual insights.
For all communication, they relied heavily on traditional email and were unable to smartly relate emails to leads, contacts and opportunities. Sales data and order management was manual and error-prone using MS Excel & their ERP Next System and also Collecting, tracking and analyzing expenses, sales meeting records, customer data, ROI of acquiring a customer etc. turning it into valuable insights was manual, time consuming and prejudiced along with these customers had to wait for several days and sometimes, even weeks to receive their custom quotes.

Cloudalyze’s Solution

In early discussion organizes, Cloudalyze’s consulting team realized that a developing firm like Dhupar Brothers needs to have a scalable technology that can establish sales pipelines which are well managed from start to finish, so their client connections and their deals develop alongside them. Also our implementation team architected a holistic digital transformation solution that allows the sales teams to maintain a healthy pipeline and continually move leads through to conversion. With the implementation of Salesforce web to lead feature, the client now has a 360 degrees view of the sales process and they’re able to track every lead from quote to cash.

While the ERP system is completely integrated and continues to fulfil orders through product tracking, invoicing and managing inventory, the entire sales management including, account, contacts and opportunity management, quote generation, lead tracking and reporting and analytics are taken care of by Salesforce. Also our sales teams currently make quote PDFs in real-time using our custom-built

Quote Line Editor and backend order management team is notified about the accepted quote automatically. This has helped avoid miscommunication errors between backend and sales teams and the customer. With the help of all the 15 sales reps now login each and every activity such as, phone calls, emails and face-to-face meetings using the Salesforce mobile application, management is able to track, measure and analyze the time, money and resources spent on each customer acquisition.


We reduced quote creation and delivery time from several days to few minutes and 100% adoption of Salesforce CRM both, desktop and mobile versions throughout the organization.

Deployed and delivered a custom sales cloud replica of the standard sales cloud in 6 weeks. They also have improved internal communication, less manual reconciliation and a streamlined sales process and Management now has 100% visibility in the entire sales process that gives them an opportunity to inspect & adapt.

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