Ideas Beyond Borders

They aim to empower the vulnerable with hope and prevent extremism before it takes root.

Ideas Beyond Borders develops and implements international programs to empower individuals with knowledge often suppressed by authoritarian regimes and dictatorships. By encouraging youth and young adults to think critically about topics ranging from human and civil rights to science and reason, IBB is laying the groundwork for people to retain their cultural identities while questioning the status quo, pushing back against extremist hate and violence, and finding their own unique voice.

Most anti-extremism and counter-terror organizations address individuals at the end of the spectrum – converted extremists that are ideologically primed to commit acts of hate and violence. Ideas Beyond Borders empowers individuals before extremism has taken root by providing ideological alternatives and fresh information.

Empower individuals with knowledge often suppressed by authoritarian regimes and dictatorships


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Ideas Beyond Borders

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Client Challenge

Ideas Beyond Borders could not acknowledge high profile donors, whenever they donated to their organization. The Non-profit org did not use to get notified whenever any stakeholder used to add donations in Salesforce and they did not have their contacts segmented for their marketing strategies.
Also our client wanted the DNC list to be activated in such a way that they could send promotional emails directly to the subscribers. They were not able to understand the reason behind the bounced
emails. They did not know how to read the analytics in Salesforce via Mail Chimp. Likewise they did not have any tasks for donor managers in their system to manage or contact their donors.

Cloudalyze’s Solution

We at Cloudalyze, implemented a Donor Acknowledgment process for Ideas Beyond Borders which helped them acknowledge high profile donors whenever they donated $100 and above to Ideas Beyond Borders. We configured Email Alerts to stakeholders when donations are added in Salesforce directly. Now they can send the personalized automated acknowledgment to their donors for the donations received from the channels like GoFundMe, Facebook, and PayPal and we automated the creation of tasks and sent alerts to the donor manager to contact their high profile donors.
Ideas Beyond Borders now has their audience list & unsubscribes data synced in both Salesforce and Mail Chimp. They are able to create new email lists in Salesforce to conduct their marketing campaigns by categorizing donors based on various criteria. Also they can now directly send emails to their subscribers in Salesforce or Mail Chimp and they now knows the reason behind email bouncing, whether if it’s a soft bounce or a hard bounce.


Ideas Beyond Borders now able to create 80% Automation of List Creation and Segmentation (Marketing). They also have an improved 30% Efficiency and 60% Improvement in Donor Retention.

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