Loop Health

Loop Health provides a platform for doctors and patients to interact. The Loop Health mobile app lets doctors share their patient’s history and reports with you for your quick opinion-making it easy to see more patients, build a clinical relationship with doctors, and get more referrals.

Loop Health is on a mission to provide healthcare that improves the quality of life of millions of people and their loved ones. They are building India’s first health insurance company that provides unlimited doctor visits, preventative care and a team of doctors always available on the Loop Health app. They have taken on the ambitious challenge of building a healthcare system from the ground up.

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Oct 12, 2019

Loop Health

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Client Challenge

Loop Health is in need of a CRM solution which caters to their business needs of establishing a strong relationship with their customer. Their challenge is to streamline processes, reach out to customers in an effective way, automate business processes, and build a 360-degree view of their customers.

  • Pain Points: Customer faced a few limitations in their lead generation process through the web which would have enabled them with a flow of leads. They were not able to track the status of leads and have a streamlined lead qualification process. They also lacked confidence in their data accuracy, and there was no process to convert leads to opportunities and had no visibility of the pipeline.
  • Customer Vision for CRM: Customer needs a comprehensive CRM to drive Sales efficiently. Follow up actively on Leads and convert them to opportunities, with streamlined opportunity management process. Bridge the gap between doctors and patients through an interactive mobile app.
Cloudalyze’s Solution

We at Cloudalyze, leveraged the Salesforce capabilities to provide the best architecture for Loop Health to support their doctors and patients. We created a “Web to Lead” form which is now embedded on their website to enable the flow of “Leads to Salesforce.” We also set up Lead statuses, and status path to track the progress of of that particular Lead. We built a Lead qualification process, which enabled Loop Health to qualify Leads and convert them into opportunities.

Now accounts are used to store the doctor’s data, and the doctors are linked with their patient’s data and reports through the Salesforce relationship model. Doctors can now quickly pass updates through their mobile app, provide solutions, and now patients can also book appointments using their mobile app.

We created a check-in and check out functionality for Loop Health which enables their sales team to create real-time visit reports using google APIs. Notifications and alerts are sent to users and management whenever there is a SLA breach in any particular Lead or Opportunity progress. We made their app completely mobile-ready with updated Salesforce Lightning features.


The Loop Health sales team is now able to quickly create Leads, update activities & lead status, which provides visibility that helps them in managing the progress of their Leads.

We streamlined their entire lead qualification process, from capturing reasons for unqualified leads & enabling conversion of their qualified leads to opportunities.

Now the management has a better visibility of the pipeline which helps driving their teams to closures. Patients can now save their time by quickly creating appointments through their website. Doctor’s are now able to go through their patient’s data, share reports, and provide consultations online.

With all things in a central place, there is an improved collaboration rate between Loop Health’s doctors and patients than before. They also have an improved visibility to data and various business opportunities.

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