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Water is the source of life and a vital need for our body and our health. Currently, only 65% of the Guinean population has access to drinking water by region. Guinean families have to travel long distances every day, physically difficult to access a source of water.

To remedy this, NAMUN Group has created since 2012 a project that aims to create wells in regions without access to drinking water. From May 2019, they will also raise money through our concerts with the show “Music for Water, Music for Life”. Four wells have been created since 2016! To the delight of the Guinean population. Today, they would like, as a family, to participate with us in the CROWFUNDING “MUSIC 4 WATER, MUSIC 4 LIFE”.

TOGETHER, they will continue to create wells to as many Guineans as possible to significantly improve their living conditions.

Music for Water, Music for Life


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Namun Group

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Client Challenge

Our client used to carry out all their tasks on Excel spreadsheets and it consumed a lot of their day-to-day time as they had to perform all their tasks manually. They did not have any existing solution on which they could carry out their tasks in an automated way.

Cloudalyze’s Solution

We at Cloudalyze, conducted a complete digital transformation from scratch for our client and helped them migrate their business processes from Excel to Salesforce.
We also implemented “Volunteer for Salesforce” for our client and helped them setup Donation & Volunteer Campaigns in Salesforce. Likewise, we helped in setting up Program Management for tracking their music concerts, locations, artists, participants, expenses incurred in the concerts. Our team also conducted Salesforce training for our client’s team as they were completely new to Salesforce CRM.


Namun Group’s Migration part is done from Excel to Salesforce. They have a 56% Improved User Efficiency and 30% Improvement in Volunteer Retention Effort. They also have 96% Increased Faster Volunteer Hours Input.

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