Have intelligent customer service interactions with your customers on every channel. Anytime. Anywhere!

Enhance your customer experience with smart service interactions. From customer support to self-service groups, social networking and beyond, make your customer representatives smarter along with your customers happier by linking all of them on a singular centralized platform. See how we can help your organization integrate and implement Service Cloud to assist your team be much more efficient and help them to create long lasting customer relationships with your all your clients.

Features of Service Cloud

  • Enhances your team performance by providing them 360 view of customers
  • Your customer representatives will have access to respond across any channel, during anytime, anywhere
  • Provides omni-channel customer experience
  • Helps you to stay connected with your complete mobile workforce
  • Very flexible to adapt according to your specific business requirements
  • Lightning console gives a quick access to your customer representatives for the information they require
  • Customize your reports and dashboards according to your business needs
  • Track customers’ resources, orders, support history, and a lot more, all in one central location

Why work with Cloudalyze?

  • Silver Consulting Partner & Salesforce.org Impact Partner
  • 90+ Expand Knowledge Certifications, 96+ Salesforce Certifications, 45+ Consultant Certifications.
  • 2700+ Trailhead Badges
  • A customer satisfaction rating of 5/5 on Salesforce AppExchange
  • Huge span of project experience and deep product understanding
  • Committed Project Managers upheld by their capable team with superlative qualities.
  • Better visibility to higher management
  • More effective and customer-centric salesforce
  • 25%+ Increased Customer Satisfaction
  • 23%+ Increased Customer Loyalty
  • 20%+ Increased Data Accuracy
  • 40%+ Reduction in Sales Administration Time
  • 45%+ Increased Salesforce.com Adaption
  • 43% Increased Marketing ROI
  • 45% Increased Customer Retention
  • 37% Increased Sales

Commonly Asked Questions about Service Cloud

What is Salesforce Service Cloud? How would it help me?

Service Cloud was developed on the idea of the Salesforce system with one goal, to provide you an enhanced view of your clients. By utilizing the smart insights which Service Cloud provides, you can deliver something which is more personalized and effective than earlier.

Service Cloud offers you the power to automate your customer support procedures, maximize your agent’s workflows, and provide the knowledge they require to perform even more productively. Even Better, Service Cloud is a multi-channel solution, indicating your customers have the support no matter what digital tech they utilize.

Is Service Cloud built for all businesses of all sizes?

Service Cloud is a solution that is scalable and therefore it’s suited for all organizations from SMB’S and start-ups to the big MNCs. For making fast and comprehensive customer queries service cloud has specific tools for you, your customer support team will probably be able to enhance your customer satisfaction rates and reduce service expenses.

For larger businesses, Service Cloud makes it simple to produce self-service solutions and client communities where dilemmas are solved in a way that is frictionless. Service Cloud allows you to provide understanding that is important to your clients which help all of them
to resolve their own problems much faster efficiently.

How much secure is my business data in Salesforce Service Cloud?

As Service Cloud is developed on the core foundation of Salesforce, it has the advantages of the most robust data security measures of this platform. Moreover, the data security team at Salesforce works daily for the enhancement of the security of their client data. They also ensure that customer data integrity is maintained and is under high-power protection. It is this ethos that may offer your customers peace, once they understand their data is held safe when uploaded in the Service Cloud.

Which edition of Service Cloud is appropriate for my business?

There are a great number of options to choose from because Service Cloud was developed to be constantly customisable, you will discover. To create this method effortless, we will work with you to come up with a modular CRM solution which considers your unique business requirements. In addition, we will do this with all the future in mind, guaranteeing the system which is certainly delivered is scalable and gives your business the ultimate push it needs to keep on growing efficiently.

Service Cloud offers you the three core editions which are the Enterprise Edition, which is the most complete option. This includes the super-fast lightning for the holistic view of your business cases, CTI integration, an entire knowledge management suite, call scripting options, tools for developers, and more.

The Unlimited Edition will grant you accessibility to 24/7 customer support, endless usage of in-depth online training, plus more than one hundred administrator services. Want to give attention to overall performance more than anything else? Then the Performance Edition is for you. This edition brings sales and service together to build a unique solution that is powered by Salesforce.

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