One of our clients is a start-up company but their story is as interesting as the large enterprise customers featured in Benioff’s keynotes. They had no idea about why to implement Salesforce®️ for small business solutions. They were worried about their win rates, increased sales productivity, increase in revenues, increase in leads, increase in loyalty through Salesforce CRM for SMB’s.


We at Cloudalyze convinced them to understand why business software can’t be as easy as buying something online. This perspective provided a welcome breath of fresh air for their start-up. Our experts gave them a plan which was implemented using a phased approach. We provided them a way to get more high-quality leads, respond faster to hot leads, measure marketing impact and get a 360-degree view of their leads. Our solution made them win every customer by selling faster anywhere. The increase in revenue was due to accelerated productivity, grow and qualify pipeline, get visibility into pipeline and revenue. Also, they had a double-digit increase in their loyalty.

We also integrated their Salesforce®️ CRM for SMB’s with other systems which again had a double-digit increase in the overall performance. We used Sales Cloud, SalesforceIQ, and Pardot for their business.


Our client understood how the cloud model helps democratize and level the playing field for smaller businesses. Within a couple of months, they could interrogate the data so that the company could grow and expand into new countries without a big budget. Now the management says they love Salesforce®️ CRM implementation for small business solutions because it just does what they needed it to do and fit in the budget.